Asian female with keloid scars on shoulders and chest from accident 10 years ago, what can help? (photos)

Does anyone specialize in this? My girlfriend has a large keloid on her chest and one on each shoulder from an accident 10 years ago. She is Asian. We heard that Cryotherapy may work. She feels disfigured and ashamed. 

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Keloid Treatment

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I agree with below, I have never seen great success with just steroid injection alone.  I think excision +/- followed by one dose of radiation and steroid injections and topical creams or laser treatments are needed.  there is nothing that can get rid of this completely without any evidence or any treatments that will completely prevent recurrence.  Removal requires a process and most of the treatments will not be covered by insurance.  Sometimes the injections require the addition of a medication called 5-FU into the steroid.  The point is, there are many options, not one is the best but you will need a combination of therapies to help get you to the best result.  I wish you the best, Dr. Emer.

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Keloid Treatment

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Hi CH.  The most commonly used treatment for the treatment of keloids is steroid injections.  We have treated many of the size shown effectively with this method.  We use Kenalog and believe it to be one of the most effective options.  The drug used, concentration chosen and injection technique will all affect outcome so even if you have tried this method, it's still the most common and most effective.  

After the scars have been flattened, we use pulsed dye lasers to remove some or all of the redness.  Check the link below for a similar case.

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Keloid scars

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The scar would require excision, steroid injection and then use of the product Embrace.  Embrace is only available to Plastic Surgeons in the United States.

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