What Happens when You Get an Infection After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty and a forehead lift 8 days ago. I was instructed to take keflex 500mg qid and ended up with thrush and a nasal infection. I went to the MD and they took me off the ABT and ordered Nystatin for the thrush. My face is swollen, my forehead is numb, bruising present, and the bridge of my nose is yellow with slough. What do I do now?

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Infection Followinjg Rhinoplasty

Serious infections such as yours are very rare following rhinoplasty. Your surgeon, probably in consultation with an infectious disease specialist, will order appropriate antibiotics and monitor your care. Be patient, this will take some time to resolve. A revision of your rhinoplasty may or may not be necessary.

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Severe infection after rhinoplasty

Infection after rhinoplasty is uncommon, and unless there is an implant involved is easilly treated. Your situation is unique and will require special attention and care. An infectious disease specialist may be necessary to sort out the causing agent, and the candida suprainfection. Your surgeon should keep you in close contact.

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Severe infection after Rhinoplasty

Your surgeon and any of his designated colleagues, such as an infectious diseases specialist, are better equiped to be managing your situation than anyone on this forum.  It sounds as if you may have a serious facial infection which requires specific  intravenous antibiotics and supportive therapy. Once the infection is eradicated you may or may not need further surgery. 

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Facial infection?

It sounds like you have a serious infection and must be treated and watched very carefully. If you have a nasal implant in your nose ( you did not mention this) it would most likely have to be removed. Good luck and follow closely with your doctor.

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