3 Years Post Nose Job my Dog Bit my Nose, is the Little Hard Bump Under the Bite Permanent?

I had a nose job 3 years ago and 3 days ago my dog bit my nose. He pierced through the skin and I now have a hard bump under the bite cut. It's only on the one side right at the bridge on the right. Is this permanent or will it go down? Why is the bump hard?

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Dog Bite on Nose

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Just 3 days after a dog bite to your nose the bump may be secondary to bleeding, bruising, inflammation, or infection. You should be evaluated by or surgeon or physician.

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Dog Bite to a Previously Operated Nose

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First things first. An animal bite mst be viewed and treated as an injection of animal saliva not your tissues. Proper antibiotics must be started immedately to prevent a serious nfection. Depending on the extent of the injury, the edges may need to be surgically cleaned and wond washed. The induration you describe could be an infection and or local inflammation in response to the bite. You would do well to see a Plastc surgeon. 

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