Do Epsom Salts Help Bring Down Swelling

I had rhinoplasty 4 months ago. My nose was very wide in the middle. At the 2.5 months my doctor gave me a kenalog injection which helped with swelling. I still have a bit of swelling that is causing my profile to look raised in the middle where I was the widest. I am pretty sure it is just swelling because it is spongy to the touch and compresses if I press down. I read that soaking in epsom salts can bring down swelling. Can putting a compress of epsom salts on my nose help bring it down?

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Epsom Salts to Decrease Nasal Swelling

The best treatment for nasal swelling 4 months after rhinoplasty is patience because this will continue to resolve over the next 8-10 months. Steroid injections are sometimes helpful. I've never used epsom salts topically to treat this problem or expedite the resolution of swelling in post-op rhinoplasty patients

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Post rhinoplasty swelling

The swelling in the nose will take an entire year to completely dissipate. In the first three to four months about seventy percent of the swelling has dissipated and then the final thirty percent takes a full year for you to see your final result. I have never had my patients use Epsom salt for the nose. Try and sleep elevated, watch extreme heat and excessive exercise, stay away from salty foods and give it some time and you will be fine. Best regards!

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