Gynecomastia Crater & Bodyfat %?

I had gyno surgery about 3 months ago. I'm pretty sure I have a crater on both pecs, although my doc disagrees and just says I have a muscular upper chest. Assuming I have the crater defect, is that something that would improve in apperance at at low body fat levels or does it become even more pronounced? Thanks.

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3 months after Gynecomastia Surgery and Craters

   Central craters can be effectively contoured by liposuctioning the surrounding areas to help this blend.  I usually perform this procedure at the same time as excision.

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Crater After Gynecomastia Surgery

This is a common complication of gynecomastia surgery when only excision is performed.  When only excision is performed breast tissue under the nipple areolar complex is removed down to the muscle.  With this central loss of volume and the surrounding subcutaneous fat intact the crater or doughnut deformity is created.  This is corrected by performing liposuction of the surrounding chest fat.  Regardless of how little fat is present some liposuction is always necessary is prevent this deformity.  This may improve as your % body fat decreases but it may need a revision.

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Questions about gynecomastia surgery

If you had very dense breast tissue and little overlying subcutaneous tissue then you can appear, at least early, a little scooped out on the chest.  The first phase of wound healing is contracture and I frequently see this happening.  In general the pectoralis muscle will expand to improve the contour of your chest.  You may just need more time.  

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Crater after gynecomastia surgery

Please post some photos so we can focus on the situation and not conjecture. My guess is that, if you were to lose weight and if, in fact, there was a "crater", it would appear more pronounced.

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