Painful New Vein After Breast Gland Removal Starting at the Drainage Site All the Way Down to my Grown?

New painful vein starting at right nipple incision site going vertical all the way down to my groin. It hurts when I rub across it and when I raise my arm above my head and looks funny like the vein down not belong there. Should I go to the hospital and call my dr.

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Painful New Vein after Male Breast Reduction

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   After male breast reduction or breast surgery of any kind, the veins in the distribution you describe may become inflamed.  See your plastic surgeon or medicine doctor for an exam and treatment.  Kenneth Hughes, MD male breast reduction Los Angeles, CA

Painful vein

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This is not too uncommon.It is due to an inflammation of a vein that soemtimes occurs following breast surgery.Usually I treeat it with heat and anti inflammatory meds such as motrin and in time will usually go down and go away.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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You Have Mondor's Disease

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What you are describing is a thrombophlebitis of the superficial superior and inferior epigastric veins.  This was first described by Henri Mondor, a Parisian surgeon, in 1939.  Mondor's disease is normally self-limiting and, in general, benign.  Since it occurred soon after surgery, a reasonable explanation for this painful vein would be surgery itself.  However, infection is definitely a possibility. 

Also, if this thromboplebitis continues, it may lead to the deep Venus system, and may ultimately lead to pulmonary embolism, therefore, I think it is a good idea to call your plastic surgeon and follow his or her recommendations.  If you are unable to get in touch with your plastic surgeon, then see your primary care provider as this can progress to more serious problems.  On the other hand, I have seen Mondor's disease about 20 times during my career, and have never seen it progress to anything of any consequence.   

Breast Pain Requires Immediate Medical Attention

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This forum is really not meant to diagnose medical problems.   It is possible that you have a thrombophlebitis or inflammation of a vein on your breast.   You should contact your surgeon immediately for advice,  It is only through a physical exam that one would be able to differentiate this condition from mastitis or an infection.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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