If I want some pretty drastic eyelid surgery, would it be better to go to Korea to have it done?

I want my eyes to be made significantly larger and more upturned. If this is even possible, would it probably be better to go to Korea. I know plenty of American doctors are great at they do, but it seems Korean doctors can typically make more drastic changes that look natural. They especially have a lot of experience with eyelid surgery (even caucasian eyes).

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Eyelid surgery in Korea

If one learns anything on this forum is that cosmetic surgery is not without potential complications or poor outcome. What will you do when you get back to US and you are either having complications or not happy with your results? There will be very few surgeons at that point who would want to intervene and will direct you to go back to your original surgeon. If you are looking for surgery that is too drastic for board certified US general plastic, facial plastic or occuloplastic surgeons then you may have an evaluation by a mental health professional for body dysmorphia before traveling across the world to have surgery on your eyes. Always assume you will have complications when you plan any elective surgical procedures and plan accordingly. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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If your goal is to destroy your appearance and cause yourself long term misery, you are on the right path.

Unfortunately, there are consequence for doing what you have in mind to your eyelids.  The eyelids protect the eyes.  Surgery on the order of what you are considering will profoundly interfere with the necessary function of the eyelids and will cause chronic corneal exposure which will cause ongoing burning, and dry eye symptoms.  Lateral canthoplasty as concieved in Korea is a different surgery than what is performed in the West.  The surgery attempts to make the eye look larger by advancing the corner of the eyelid laterally.  I now see two to three individuals a month who have had surgery in South Korea and are looking for these procedure to be reversed.  In my opinion, this surgery simply does not do what is claimed.  Repairing the damage is challenging and not completely satisfactory.  Unfortunately when you show up in Seoul, you will get some type of surgery whether it is right for you or not.

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Should you go to Korea for your eyelid surgery.

Thank you for sharing your question. There are many good Oculoplastic Surgeons in Korea, but there are probably even more in the USA. See an experienced eyelid specialist who corrects complex cases for comprehensive evaluation and discussion of possible treatment. 
Good luck,

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"Drastic" eyelid surgery

Your desire for drastic eyelid surgery is curious. A photograph and a more detailed description of your goals would be helpful. All may go well for you overseas, but if you have concerns and complications after surgery, would you then fly back for multiple follow-up visits - or would you just stay for 6-12 months after surgery? Doesn't sound like a wise proposition in my opinion. It would be far better to obtain a couple of opinions in your home state, and find someone you trust to do your surgery. (You could probably get 5 or more opinions for the price of a plane ticket.) Best wishes.

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