Can you give me information on orbital rim implants and tear trough implants? (Photo)

I'm a 23 year old male. I would like to start a discussion with physicians in or near California about getting implants to correct imbalances in my face. I have always wanted to work on camera and have been setting myself for this career for years, but am aging far to fast and need to age more attractively to follow my dreams.

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Most likely having this surgery will not help you with your acting career.

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The harm caused by the surgery may very well prevent you form pursuing your acting goals.  If this issue has prevented you from seeking work as an actor, you may have body dysmorphic disorder.  I pioneered the use of hand carved ePTFE orbital rim implants.  I still offer these surgeries for those who have been harmed by lower eyelid surgery.  There is almost no other way to adequate reconstruct these eyelids.  However, I have essentially stopped doing this surgery for primary cosmetic concerns like your.  For the past 12 years, we have had very reliable hyaluronic acid fillers.  In the right hands, this treatment is far more predictable than tear trough and orbital rim implants.  In my opinion, the Flowers tear through implant is obsolete.  It was state of the art in the 90's.  However, the art has moved on.  Properly done, the hyaluronic acid fillers provides a result that is much more powerful than surgery.  Yes, the treatment has to be maintain including adjustments and retreatment approximately every year.  However, no surgery is required.  My free ebook cited below has information about both approaches.  

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#Tear Trough Implants and Orbital Rim Implants

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Tear trough implants can be extremely helpful in those patients with "Negative Vector Orbits."
I believe the link below will help you.  There is also an informational blog page on our site regarding the topic.

Gook luck.

Orbital rim and tear trough implants

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Thank you for posting your question. Implants certainly are one method for improving tear troughs, but dermal fillers are a safer, non-surgical approach. Sometimes the edges of the implants are obvious and fillers need to be injected around the border of the implants to hide those edges. See an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon in person for evaluation of your specific problems and proper guidance.
Good luck,

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Eyelid surgery

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Best treatment could be injectable fillers by expert injector for this area.  You may not be a good candidate for surgery.   Thanks

Tear Trough and Orbital Rim Implants

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While the terms 'tear trough' and 'orbital rim' implants are often used interchangeably, they are close cousins but not identical implant styles for the infraorbital rim area. A tear trough implant is a preformed implant that is designed to fit on the front edge of the infraorbital rim on the inner half of the eye helping to fill out an indentation in that area. An orbital rim implant is available in performed styles or can be custom made from the patient's 3D CT scan. They are used to cover the entire infraorbital rim and even out into the cheek area of needed. They also fit more over the infraorbital rim as well as in front of it.

Get in person consultation for best response

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Best to see an oculoplastic specialist for in person evaluation. There are surgical and nonsurgical tools available. 

Implants in the orbital area

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There are many options for augmenting the cheek area which distracts or minimizes the tear trough area. You are quite young, and could handle the implants now, but with aging, the periorbital skin becomes thin and travels down the facial skeleton revealing the implant - not a pretty picture! A cheek implant is safer (deeper) than an implant directly in the trough area. Fillers such as Juvederm Voluma XC or similar in the maxillary area - may be considered an "injectable implant" - would be a great way to start out. Typically some of the filler lasts at least two years and could be augmented down the road. I have seen eyelid/ cheek/ orbital complications of permanent implants in that area - so a filler that lasts a year or two is a good way to discover the contour that you are looking for. Best wishes with your decision!

Treatment of tear trough

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Thank you for your question and for posting photos. An in-person consult is always the best approach. With that said, based upon your photos it appears that you are an excellent candidate for hyaluronic acid filler to the tear troughs to fill and smooth the contour. I prefer Restylane when working around the eyes. 

I recommend you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, or plastic surgeon who is experienced in addressing the tear troughs.

Best of luck!

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