Can rhinoplasty surgeon's operate on the glabellar part? (photo)

Can rhinoplasty surgeon's operate on the glabellar part ? My glabella is protruding as time goes by. I think it's due to an accident i had 5 years ago. I want to fix my nose cause it got a hump and it's dificult to breath, but what annoys me most is the glabella, it just looks ugly.I know that under the glabella we got sinuses, and i would like to know if a rhinoplasty surgeon can operate on it since they use the same tool to reduce a nose hump or radix.

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Surgery on Glabella

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As a Rhinoplasty surgeon we are all well trained to operate on all parts of the face including the glabella. If you seek a surgeon, make sure you find a board certified surgeon who specializes in cosmetic nose surgery.

Can Rhinoplasty Surgeon Operate on the Glabella

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An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will In most cases operate on the glabella. Glabellar or orbital contouring has nothing to do with rhinoplasty surgery; although adjacent they are totally different structures.  

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Frontal Bone - Beware the frontal sinus....

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Interesting question, not one that people often ask. Its important to note first, that the glabellar region of the forehead as well as the upper nose (we call it the rhinion) are not important in breathing. You can think of the area you breath as going straight back, parellel to a the horizon. Don't get me wrong, people with VERY deviated nasal bones can have trouble breathing but it is not often the case. 

With respect to your problems, what you seem to be looking for is a reduction in your frontal bone at the glabella area. This is easier said then done. To do this, is a bit of a complicated procedure as most people require a very large incision in your hair line and then lift the tissue (your forehead). there are some other ways to do this, but this is the most common. Using a radix rasp like you mentioned would not work in my opinion. The issue then changes to safety. Your frontal sinuses are right under there (as is your brain!). So obviously the person needs to be confident with the procedure as the frontal bone can vary in thickness for people. 

Cosmetic facial plastic surgeons who also do sinus surgery would be a good starting place, as would any Plastic Surgeon who does trauma surgery.  Here in Ottawa, Canada we rarely do this kind of work when doing a  Rhinoplasty as most patients do not ask about it. 

Good luck!

Glabellar reduction and rhinoplasty

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A competent, board-certified Facial Plastic surgeon should be able to fix your breathing, correct the nasal shape and treat the glabella.  What exactly needs to be done will be determined after an in-person exam.  Sometime the mound you are pointing at is from the muscles.  Your may want to try Botox first to see if it helps.  This will dictate what type of glabelloplasty you need.  Best wishes. 

David Alessi, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can rhinoplasty surgeon's operate on the glabellar part?

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    Many plastic surgeons are comfortable operating on multiple areas of the skeleton, but glabellar reduction may not be the best route.  Physical exam and a clear discussion of goals as well as an explanation of facial aesthetics should be undertaken before a surgical plan is developed.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Glabella Protrusion

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A plastic surgeon can operate on your nose and the forehead, including the glabella.  You will need an examination first to determine what the cause is for the protrusion.  It may be better to approach the glabella from the scalp similar to the approach in an endoscopic browlift instead of the nose.

Rhinoplasty and the Brow

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Thank you for the picture and your question. In rhinoplasty, the top of the procedure is generally the nasal bridge or radix (root of the nose).  The glabella and brow bones are separate structures with different characteristics. These require an entirely different surgical approach.  That said, adding a soft tissue graft to an overly deep radix can improve the appearance of the glabella and brow by changing the angle it makes with the nose.  Best of luck moving forward!

Considering Rhinoplasty

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Dear Dylan, thank you for your question. Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure that can dramatically change one's appearance. Consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon who can perform computer imaging to show you what may be possible. Before and after photos are a good way to evaluate your surgeon. Good Luck!

Roy A. David, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon


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The simple answer is yes but one really needs a full examination perhaps aided by a cath scan to see what is involved

Dr Corbin

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