Sagging skin fold under jaw after necklift and lower face lift. T incision revision has been offered. Advice please! (Photo)

After a neck lift and lower face lift, I am left with a noticeable fold of skin under on my neck which is causing me some embarrassment. The revision offered by my surgeon is a T incision under the chin to pull the excess skin inward and suture it. Is there a better revision option that will not leave scarring on my neck? I am 14 months post surgery.

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Revision Neck Lift

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You appear to have redundant skin and platysma that needs to be addressed. Although this can sometimes be improved with a platysmaplasty through an incision under the chin and "redraping" the skin after extensive undermining. A "T incision" would be a last resort and should rarely if ever be done due to visible scarring in the skin of the neck.

Revision lift with platysmaplasty

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I'm not sure what your doctor did with his surgery, or if a platysmaplasty was done.  i would not offer a T incision because of the risk of visible scarring.  I would consider a platysmaplasty with a revision lift, but I don't know if this was already attempted.  Its best of seek another opinion if you are hesitant about your surgeon's advice.

Neck folds after face and neck lift

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Thank you for asking about your face and neck lift result.

  • Although these folds look like skin, I believe they are folds of loose platysma muscle.
  • If so, the revision will require re-opening the incision in front of the ear, suturing down the muscle and may require an incision under the chin as well.
  • These are a common problem after a face and neck lift - partly because it is a difficult area to see and treat during surgery.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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