Is is Possible to Go from Double to Single Eyelid?

Like the picture? I know asian have the extra fat around the eyelid

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No it is not possible.

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Reversing a fold is essentially impossible.  There is not practical way to make this look cosmetically acceptable.  There are situations were we try anyway because the upper eyelid has been so aggressively hollowed.  In that case the situation is not really taking a double eyelid to a single eyelid.  The situation is more like taking an over-resected hollowed eyelid and trying to create more of an upper eyelid fold that will look more like a double fold.  Anyone who tells you that is is possible to do what you are asking is pulling your leg or well meaning but ignorant.  Grafting fat or facia into the upper eyelid results in scar tissue that does not have the necessary compliance to actually be successful.

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Reversing a double eyelid or creating a new single eyelid

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Hello SophieEnglish,

The answer is yes, you can do this with a variety of tissue grafting techniques.  One is with fat and the other is with fascia from behind your ear.  The first attempt can be made with injecting fat, concervatively, and you may find you like  that just fine.  The other technique is an open trans-blepharoplasty incision approach.   You can place either fat or fascia.  I find fascia works a little better. 

Now let me say a few things.  It's safe but this procedure takes special technical experience and training.  Go to an oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon.  Also, be aware that even in the best hands the two sides can be a little uneven and may need minor revisions.  The primary reason for this unevenness is not from the surgeon but the  grafted fascia.  It doesn't have it's own blood supply for about 5 days.  During that time it can atrophy in an asymmetric fashion.

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

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