Retinia Detachment and Cosmetic Surgery on Eyes- Am I a Candidate?

I've had retinia detachment and would like to have cometic eye lid surgergy. I s there danger my retinia can detach again?

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Eyelid surgery and retina detachment

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Eyelid surgery and retinal issues are separate problems that should not have an affect on each other. Especially once the retinal problem has been treated and is healed. This can be explained best by your retinal surgeon or even better, an ophthalmic plastic surgeon, who is trained In both eye care and plastic surgery.

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Retinia Detachment and Cosmetic Surgery on Eyes- Am I a Candidate?

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  IMHO, yes as any increase in pressure may cause a retinal detachment.  The eye surgeon that treated your retinal detachment would need to give you a medical clearance for your eyelid surgery for me to consider you a surgical candidate.  I have done this before and the patients had their eyelid surgery without complications or issues, so it can be done.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Retinal detachment and blepharoplasty

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There should not be a contraindication for blepharoplasty after surgery to repair a detached retina. I would recommend that you discuss your concern with your retinal surgeon as there are different gradations of detachment and treatments for it. I know exactly what you are concerned about as my wife had a detachment last year. She'll planning a bleph for later this year with her retinal specialist's approval.

An oculoplastic surgeon will understand what was done to repair the retina.

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This information will have a bearing on how to approach your cosmetic eyelid surgery.  For this reason, you should consider finding an oculoplastic surgeon to perform your eyelid surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eyelid surgery after RD repair

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You should be OK to have eyelid surgery after having had surgery for a retinal detachment. Just to be safe you could ask your retina surgeon to make sure. You may also want to have your eyelids done by an Oculoplastics specialis. Oculoplastics surgeons are ophthalmologists who have spent extra training in plastic surgery around the eyes and would therefore be able to tend to your concerns regarding your past ocular history of a retinal detachment. 

Keshini Parbhu, MD
Orlando Oculoplastic Surgeon

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