Surgery Options for Continual Bilateral Watery Eyes

Acknowledging replys to my earlier question. It has been 12 months since last surgery. OP is reluctant for more-as all appears stable atm (L developed entropion requiring retightening & R repositioning of HPG as it flipped outward)..but I have CBWE, and the assymetry of LLs.I have already lost horizontal length, would further surgery lose more? What surgery would correct position of LLs to globe given the HPG? I want eye comfort & symmetry,but I am terrified to make things worse.

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It is difficult to show problem in a photo. My lower eyelids have been corrected differently causing different shape.This is a aesthetic problem.. However when I lean forward to apply mascara to lower lids I notice that lid gapes out from globe. It is only noticeable when at this this usual post HPG? Would this mean that even upright my lower lids are not tight against the globe, causing a problem? If yes what surgery would correct this? According to my OPS there is no dry eye.

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Limited options in Australia.

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You need to find additional second opinions regarding your situation.  Please consider posting photographs so we have a better idea of your actual current situation.

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