Am I a candidate for blepharoplasty & buccal fat removal? (Photos)

Greetings, For as long as I can remember I have desired a more defined (chiseled, if you will) facial appearance. I am wondering if buccal fat removal will give my face a more defined look, or if I should consider alternatives like chin or cheekbone implants. In addition, I have always been dissatisfied with my droopy eyelids, as they make me appear sleepy. I would like to know if I should consider a surgical route or opt for non evasive treatments like botox. Thank you in advance!

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Am I a candidate for buccal fat removal? = there is a high chance. #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval #chubbycheeks

Young patient with chubby cheeks (fullness of the anterior lower cheeks) are usually candidates for buccal fat removal surgery. This procedure removes the fullness of the lower cheeks thus helps to achieve a chiseled face.

It is important to know that in order to have a good buccal fat removal results, the patient should have good cheek bones. If the cheek bones are not well defined, the results of the surgery will be suboptimal. Therefore, buccal fat removal patient candidates with weak cheek bones should enhance their upper cheeks in order to achieve chiseled look. 

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Am I a candidate for blepharoplasty & buccal fat removal?

Yes you're likely a good candidate for both procedures. The only caveat I can give you is that both will need to be conservative. You do not want a hollow or feminized eyelid so any skin removal will need to be subtle. With regard to buccal fat removal this is an area that will continue to hollow as you age. Overly aggressive fat removal will create a gaunt and unhealthy appearance as you age. Consult with a surgeon who understands the pitfalls of these procedures and the need to be conservative in their approach to avoid experiencing surgical complications. Best.
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Blepharoplasty and buccal fat removal?

Thank you for asking about your blepharoplasty and buccal fat removal.
  • I think your idea of a blepharoplasty and buccal fat removal are a good place to start.
  • The blepharoplasty will remove the excess upper lid skin.
  • The buccal fat removal will remove fat from your mid-cheek, giving you more facial definition.
  • If you clench you clench your teeth, your masseter may also be enlarged as it appears to be on one side.
  • If you have these done and then want more facial definition/angularity, then chin and cheek implants would be your next step but the first three can all be done in the office easily.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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