One side of my nose is still longer than the other? (Photos)

Hi I'm 9 weeks post op now and I'm still not happy with the front view. (Tip) shall I tell my surgeon now or wait if it is still swollen?

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Swelling of the nose persists for many months and can be a year or longer. Best of luck.............

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Nostril asymmetry

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You need to start doing some gentle massage of that higher right nostril using your thumb inside and your index finger outside and gently pull downward to stretch the tight nostril  -see your surgeon to check you are doing this correctly

9 weeks post rhinoplasty

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thank you for your question and photos.  Share your concerns with your surgeon however understand that it takes 6-9 months for the nose to completely heal following surgery.  It's important to reserve judgement until the majority of the swelling has resolved. Best of luck!

Michael Sullivan, MD
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