What went wrong with this neck and mini lift? (photos)

I am 46. 5 months post op after a neck lift with a platysmaplasty and a mini-lift. incisions under chin, behind and in front of ears, repair of muscle, and liposuction under chin. Dr was reputable. Why are there lumps under my jowls and why do they seem bigger? Why does it look like I have an invisible string under my jaw that is strangling me? Why is there severe cording of my platysma? Can something be done under local to fix because my dr. won't clear me for general or twighlight again.

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Neck lift issues

I'm sorry to hear you are not being cleared for surgery.  This is not a good limitation, as most reputable surgeons will help their patients if there's something fixable post-op.  To answer your questions surely, you'd need pre-op photos and also a close up exam to see what the effect of the operation is.   Be sure to discuss with your own surgeon about how this applies to you, and whether they have any special concerns in your case.

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jnk68, you need an exam by a specialist to get any good answers. You may have had too much fat removed, you may have ptotic submandibular glands, you may have needed a chin implant, looks like your platysma was not handled appropriately. See several facial plastic specialists with years of experience. good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
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Cosmetic surgery aftermath

While your concerns are legitimate, they may be premature.  Although 5 months is a long time it is a certainty that your tissue is still healing and there is some minor swelling left.  This will continue to improve although slowly, and may not entirely fulfill your needs.  There are some things that cannot be corrected by a facelift which usually can be explained.  For instance the "lumps under my jowls" probably are glads.  These cannot be removed and although tightening the platysmal muscle may be helpful it can also sometimes cause them to be more prominent as the the loose skin is tightened and stretched over the lump.  Some surgeons have attempted to remove this gland in the past, however there are large and important nerves in the area as well as vessels.  It would be unreasonable to attempt this removal.  There is a slight excess skin and fullness of your upper neck which still could continue to improve or it may be that your surgeon would offer you another minor treatment to improve this.  An important observation is that one profile photograph would seem to indicate your face is tilted down.  As the neck is flexed and tilted head down the neck skin seems excessive.  This extra tissue however is necessary in order to allow you to extend your neck tilting your head backward.  In summary I think you should discuss these things realistically with your surgeon and determine if he/she can improve on them somehow.  I expect that eventually you will be extremely pleased comparing the pre-and postoperative photographs.  Perfection, while a goal, is not a reality.

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Necklift problems

Without pre-op pictures it is hard to make definitive statements but from what I can see you do have persistent platysmal bands and jowls with a fair amount of looseness. Some improvement could be achieved by direct excision or division of the platysma bands and possibly some direct submental skin excision but this would need to be assessed directly in a face to face meeting with your surgeon.  You indicated that your surgeon would not clear you for a GA why is that? The only valid reason would be some medical issue with anesthesia. The tight sensation may possibly be due to a permanent suture that is sometimes placed like a sling across the neck, if so then this could be removed to relieve your symptoms. Overall you appear to have some imbalance between you cheek and neck with inadequate lifting through the jowl area , probably due to suboptimal stability from the mini facelift. A more comprehensive sub SMAS facelift could improve this.

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Issues after a Necklift

It is difficult to asses your results of your  neck lift without seeing your before pictures.  Minor issues in the neck such as excess fat or divergent platysmal bands can be fixed under local and a small incision under your chin.

I hope this helps.  

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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What went wrong with this neck and mini lift?

It is difficult to say without an in person examination. Possibly too much fat was removed or the platysma plication was not carried low enough. Discuss with your surgeon. Revision under local may be possible. I no satisfaction seek a second opinion.


Thank you for the question and photos and after review of your operative note, pre-operative photos and an in person examination I would be able to tell you what went wrong as would other experts in your area.  So get your records and go on some consults.

Dr. Corbin

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Remain Patient During Recovery

I understand your concerns as you are probably feeling more than ready to see your desired results come to fruition, however, I suggest you continue to remain patient. While many patients see results by the 6 month stage, your neck will continue to change as you journey down the path to recovery.

Most of our patients between 40 and 55 prefer the Laser-Assisted Weekend Necklift where small incisions are made in the natural fold of the chin, the leading laser technology is leveraged, and the patients experience only a short few days of recovery.

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What went wrong with this neck and mini lift?

At 5 months after surgery most of your swelling is gone. You may have a combination of a platysma muscle that is divided in the center, drooping submandibular glans, and others. Without an in person physical exam is difficult to asses the complete scope of the problem. Please consult a Facial Plastic Surgeon in your area.

Hope this helps,
Dr. Gus Diaz
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What went wrong with this neck and mini lift? (photos)

Without posting before photos so we could compare the results. very hard to advise.........................

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