Hypertrophic Scar After Bullhorn Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a bullhorn lip lift in july 2012. I absolutely didn't get any lift in my lip but it did leave me with a hypertrophic scar. I had my first CO2 fractional laser treatment about 1.5 month ago but aside from it being a little smoother I can't see any difference yet. Will fractional laser help or should I consider a revision surgery (can I get a lip lift?)? Please help me before I waste any more money on treatments that won't work. I'm really getting depressed about this, she's ruined my face.

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Revision Lip Lift

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Thank you for posting your question and your picture. It looks like you may benefit from a revision lip lift, which, in this case would also be a scar revision to remove the hypertrophic scar tissue. The timing of this procedure, however, needs to be carefully considered. Also, if you are prone to forming keloids or other hypertrophic scars in other parts of your body, a more conservative approach (including laser treatments and kenalog injections) may be preferable.  It would be good for peace of mind to seek a second opinion from a qualified surgeon who specializes in lip procedures.

Nose and lip scars that are hypertrophic

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This scar should be treated conservatively with IIT and pulsed dye laser therapy for at least a few months prior to any lip scar revision.

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