How to Fix my Nose?

Hey Im fed up looking at my nose and would like to get it fixed with surgery maybe. Im 24 and male. Got a huge scar on the left side from a fall as a child, also broke it about 3 years ago in a bar fight and got a second scar. I wasnt at fault. I hate the bumps on the sides, also hate the dents in the middle of the nose when looking head on. I would like a smoother more pleasing nose. How could i best achieve this? Thanks in advance

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Rhinoplasty for the dented injured nose.

Rhinoplasty for you nose would involve removing the bump,filling the dents with cartilage from your septum, refining the tip, etc.  See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who does natural noses. 

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To fix a broken nose you need to make the nose look better while correcting the breathing problems

To fix a broken nose we would highly recommend you see a specialist in rhinoplasty surgery. The reason for this is that to correct a broken your surgeon must be able to address both the cosmetic/ aesthetic problems as well as the functional/ breathing problems.

Oftentimes a septal deviation or septal fracture is present with a broken nose and its correction, in large measure, determines the long-term success in treatment of the cosmetic deformities. That is why oftentimes, people who have broken their noses and had them treated in the emergency room, long term end up with a still crooked nose- the bones were straightened but because the septum was not, over time the nose twists.

Oftentimes, surgeons treating the crooked nose fall into one of two camps, those who attempt to “camouflage” existing deformities and those who attempt to address the underlying problem. In order to address all of your concerns we would recommend a balanced approach that will allow your surgeon to address each cosmetic concern while maintaining and maximizing long-term support and function.



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Septorhinoplasty Candidate

 You are a very good candidate for a septorhinoplasty. Since you have had trauma"  to  your nose  a septorhinoplasty would be the best procedure for you. This would address both the functional and aesthetic changes needed. "Septo" portion is the functional aspect and "rhinoplasty" portion is where the aesthetic changes that are desired are addressed. You will want to keep a nice masculine nose that looks natural to your other features while slightly modifying the areas that bother you.  During consultation for rhinoplasty patients I use a digital imaging computer this allows you to see what the proposed surgery would look like. A thorough evaluation and consultation will give you the proper diagnosis and surgical plan. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D. 

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You may wish to consult several reputable rhinoplasty surgeons to see what might be best for you.

Based on your photos, you appear to have a long nose with a wide droopy tip and a profile bump. Well-performed rhinoplasty techniques may lead to improvement in the appearance and function of your nose.

Hope this helps.

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