I Smoked Weed Last Night, and my Nose Surgery is Tomorrow. Will This Affect the Surgery in Any Way?

I wont lie i am pretty heavy on the weed. I do it like almost every other day. and i smoked last night and i forgot i have nose surgery tomorrow.

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Pot smoking before rhinoplasty?

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This should not affect results of rhinplasty, unless, of course you were smoking weed with your surgeon.  THAT could be a problem.

Joking aside, you should let your anesthesiologist know what recreational drugs you take and when, as it may affect the drugs she/he will use for your anesthesia

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

You "forgot" about your surgery?

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So you admit you "forgot" something as important as your own surgery? Well, that suggests that smoking weed may cause you to forget other important things, like not eating after midnight before your anesthetic, avoiding aspirin, and following post-op care instructions.

"I forgot" is not a valid excuse for causing bleeding requiring re-operation, driving while under the influence of narcotics (or weed), or just doing something that could ruin your results. It's a big deal!

I'd recommend cancelling surgery until you can properly follow (and remember) all instructions. That means stopping marijuana use entirely. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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