Too Much Fat Injected in Cheeks. What Can I Do?

i had fat injection 9 days ago .. so much pain and my face swelling has not changed for last 5 days . i need to remove this as i wil lose job. when and what can i do to get my face back?

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Fat transfer to the face is very successful.

Fat transfer to the face is a very successful way to increase youthful volume.  It is normal to have some swelling for even several weeks after fat transfer.  Your swelling should decrease with time.  Not all of the fat survives the transfer so it is normal to "over-fill" the area slightly at first.  So you have swelling and a little bit of over-filling that lead to more volume than you want initially.  Be patient, it will improve.

Trying any procedure to remove the fat right now would be very counter-productive because it would cause more tissue trauma (more swelling) and would likely create a  very uneven result.

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Cheek swelling after fat transfer

Be patient.  Swelling after fat grafting to the face can last weeks.  You might ask your surgeon for a steroid pill-pack, which could help the swelling resolve sooner. I wouldn't inject steroids into your face, though, as that can cause wasting of good tissues.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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Fat injection

There can be swelling for several weeks depending on the technique used. If your job is dependent on you looking less swollen, you could ask your doctor about the safest in prescribing corticosteroid treatment. Aggressive attempts involving more risk, to reduce the fat, if one is sure that too much fat was injected (some doctors overcorrect knowing that 100 percent of the fat does not live) is liposuction.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Urgent removal of fat from cheeks following fat injection

IT is difficult to remove fat on an "emergency basis" without potential complications. Steroid injections could help and diminish swelling if there is no sign of infection.  It is quite likely that  more of the fat will dissipate on its own. I would give it at least 3 weeks prior to making any sudden decisions.

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Cheek fat transfer

Cheek typically is not the best site for fat transfer.  That means about 50 % or more of the transferred fat will resorb in this anatomical site.  WHat that in mind, most plastic surgeons will over-correct this area, knowing that half of the fat will resord.  This can take 6 to 12 weeks.  Thus be patient.

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Too Much Fat Injected in Cheeks

Regarding: "Too Much Fat Injected in Cheeks. What Can I Do?
i had fat injection 9 days ago .. so much pain and my face swelling has not changed for last 5 days . i need to remove this as i wil lose job. when and what can i do to get my face back

Fat is often, not always, the best filler IF you are willing to accept the trade offs. Fat grafting is associated with moderately prolonged swelling (average 2 weeks) and because not all the grated fat lives (takes), more fat needs to be grafted (potentially risking an over-correction) or accept the possibility of additional procedures.  However, when the fat grafting was done well and the fat takes the result is extremely long-lasting and very naturally appearing.

Attempting to go in and liposuction the fat will generate worse swelling and may be associated with serious complications. I would advise you to wait and allow it to resolve naturally. You may want to have lymphatic massage to decrease swelling faster.

Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Fat removal after transfer

Not sure why you would lose your job but you can not have the fat removed.  It has been only 9 days since your surgery and you have swelling that will subside over the ensuing weeks.  This will reduce the fullness you are seeing in your cheeks.

Good Luck.

Dr. ES

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