What is the Best Method to Get Larger Hips?

I already have a large buttocks but I wanted larger hips..Is there a safe method for this?

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I believe Fat is your best option..... if you have enough

Just like the Brazilian Butt Lift, Fat Grafting can be performed to increase the size of one's hips. It is a little more limited, because there isn't as much soft tissue in that area to graft the fat into. But, it is something that I do in most of my Brazilian Butt Lift patients to provide the shape that many patients want.

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Hip enlargements

Basically you have 2 choices.  One involves liposuction of fat from various areas and fat transfer to your hips.  This procedure is simialr to a brazilian butt lift.  It will work but will not produce optimal results.  The other option involves use of lower back flaps that can be turned under while doing a lower body lift with outer thigh lift.  I have done a few of these cases with very good results. See the link below for pictures.


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Best method to get larger hips

"Body contouring" is the term used for aesthetic reshaping surgery of the body.  It is usually a combination of liposuction (to reduce areas of fat excess) and fat grafting (to enlarge areas that are flat, depressed, or too small).  Reducing the fat above and below the hips can visually make the hips larger.  Adding fat to the hips by fat transfer will make them larger still.  Be sure to seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in body contouring.  Best of luck!

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Fat transfer

Fat transfer is a way to go to get the results.  I have not only done this on women but also transgender men to get female porportions on the hips

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Options for enlarging the hips

Other than weight gain the best method to achieve increase size of the hips is through the use of fat grafts via injection or the use of adipocutaneous rotation flaps performed at the time of dermolipectomy (buttock and thigh lift) procedures.

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Want larger hips

If you see a surgeon who aesthetically agrees with the concept of providing larger hips, then you should inquire as to the possibility of having fat injections for this purpose.

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Bigger Lips

The best way to get bigger lips is a filler like Juvederm.  Even though it is temporary, it gives you a chance to see what it is like.  If you don't like it, you can wait until it wears off or add an enzyme that makes it go away faster.  I would not recommend doing something permanent like an implant as your first step. 

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Already Has Large Buttocks; What is Best Method to Get Larger Hips?

Hi Ashpash,

When in Los Angeles, In and Out Burgers with fries and a milk shake should do the trick. In Fort Lauderdale, looks like you will have to settle for Krystal, Mickey D's, Burger King, and Carl's Jr.  I hear that Jack's Old Fashion may add a few calories as well.  Can't guarantee that your large buttocks won't also get a bit larger.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P 

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