One Eye and Eye Brow is Lower Than Another? (photo)

I have always been bothered by the fact that one eyebrow/eye is lower than the other. People, later on, pointed it out to me and I've noticed it more and more growing up. Are there any surgeries that can remedy this?

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One Eye and Eye Brow is Lower Than Another? (photo)

You have a normal anatomic variant, seek in person examination with a doc. Botox first line of treatment, than surgery can be done. 

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One eye and brow lower

Everyone has asymmetry and your asymmetry seems at least in the photos to be within normal limits.

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One Eye and Eye Brow is Lower Than Another?

You do appear to have a normal amount of facial asymmetry as we all do. It is also possible that your head is tilted in this photo making that difference appear more significant. Raising one eyebrow to add symmetry is a common procedure. However, changing the position of the eye which involves moving hard tissue (bone) around is highly invasive and typically only performed for significant asymmetry. I would recommend doing nothing about this but if it does bother you, a temporary treatment such as Botox to provide an increase in eyebrow symmetry would likely be the best option. I hope this information is helpful.

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