My left eye is higher than my right eye. Why Are my Eyes Uneven? (photo)

It really bothers me... my left eye is higher than my right eye.

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It is even more complicated.

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Yes the left eye sits higher in the head that the right.  The right upper eyelid is actually more open than the left upper eyelid by a very slight amount.   This means that you see a uniform strip of eyelid platform on the left side but a little less platform is visible on the right side.

I do not recommend surgery for these types of issues.  Nothing good will come of it.  All of us have some degree of asymmetry.  The real issue is what does your brain do with this information.  If you spend more than a hour a day thinking about the issue, or avoid social situation because of these differences, you may have some degree of body dysmorphic disorder.  If you are crippled by an obsession over these differences so that is have social consequences such as affect work or social relationships, assessment by a mental health professional is appropriate.


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Asymmetrical eyelids

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  Almost everyone has a degree of asymmetry of the eyelids including many celebrities and TV  personalities.  Congenital bony orbital asymmetries cannot be fixed with cosmetic surgery so it is best to leave well enough alone

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Facial asymmetry is extremely common.

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Your left eye is slightly higher than your right eye. This is most likely due to an underlying bony skeletal asymmetry [your eye socket]. It is extremely common and if one looks closely at the faces of other people you will likely pick up these minor asymmetries [try not to stare!!]

As mentioned by others, if you concern regarding this quite minor asymmetry is very high that it is affecting your life adversely, you should seek some help.

I would recommend that you  try and not perseverate over this, and enjoy your very attractive and youthful eyes.

Good luck

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