Still Have Lots of Wrinkles After Revised Blepharoplasty?

I had a lower blepharoplasty done about 1 1/2 months ago. Although I appear more youthful since my bags have gone, I still had severe wrinkling when ever I smiled. My doctor just did a revision on my eyes two days ago. He said that he was too conservative in removing skin on the first surgery, and this time he removed a little more. The swelling has gone down substantially, and I can already see that I still have a lot of wrinkles. What's going on?

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There is simply a limit to what can be accomplished.

There, I have gone and said it.  That eyelid surgery can't make you look twenty again.  Your doctor has attempted to get you a little more improvement.  However the real problem here is that you don't seem to understand the limits of what can be accomplished surgically.  Consider posting a photo for a more detailed response.

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Still Have Lots of Wrinkles After Revised Blepharoplasty?

      If the wrinkles occur only during animation but are not present during rest, the right amount of skin has been removed.  If the wrinkles are occurring in the area of the crow's feet, they will not be corrected by further blepharoplasty.  They can be improved with Botox, filler, brow lift, peel, laser or a combination of two or more of the items listed.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Wrinkled lower lids

are normal to some degree.  If you seek to temporarily erase them and your lower lid tone is good, you can consider resurfacing down the road.  Alternatives also include topicals such as Retin-A.  And sometimes your muscle tone can be contributing to the wrinkles and Botox could be considered a temporary fix.  You should discuss this with your surgeon as how to best proceed.

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Wrinkles after blepharoplasty

Surgery can tighten the tissues beneath the skin and remove excess skin, but it can't make the skin more elastic. So sometimes even after a facelift or eyelid surgery, patients will notice problems with the crinkly texture of their skin.

In many cases this improves dramatically as the swelling resolves and the skin tightens (6 months or so), and no further treatments are needed. If it doesn't, resurfacing procedures like laser and additional treatments like Botox can sometimes help minimize these wrinkles, but some of them may never go completely away. Best of luck to you.

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