Extended and Extensive Bruising After Rhinoplasty, What Can Cause?

Your help and expert input will be appreciated, as this has become a huge concern after my primary rhinoplasty. I am now >6 months post surgery, and I continue to have bruising around my eyes particularly on the upper eyelids, this is not isolated to one side. Furthermore, after surgery, I notice that my eyes have a very sunken look to them, almost a sagging beneath the orbital with some bruising. Also, my eyes tend to feel and get tired often.

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Long term discoloration after rhinoplasty

It is possible that you have developed hemosiderin or iron deposit staining around the eyelid regions. This can be a result of the blood leaking out of the capillaries during your rhinoplasty into the skin. This will often improve over time and occasionally skin lightening agents can help. I would discuss this with your rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Extended and Extensive Bruising After Rhinoplasty, What Can Cause?

As I agree with Dr Aldea as for possible hemosiderin staining, I would seek in person opinions to determine if other issues are at play. 

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Bruising after facial surgery

Generally speaking, bruising should clear within 2 weeks or so after rhinoplasty.  It sounds as though you may have hemosiderosis from prolonged bleeding or stasis (blood that collects in a pool under the surface).  It is more commonly an issue in areas that have poor circulation.  The same can cause localized swelling.  I would recommend gentle massage, warm compresses and vitamin K cream.  Lasers directed at pigment have been very successful as well.

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Extended Bruising after Rhinoplasty

In 35 years of rhinoplasty work, the bruising has always resolved, although it is rare but possible that  a minimal amount can persist for months. This is secondary to hemosiderin in the blood which has caused the bruise. Tired eyes are not related to the rhinoplasty unless peri-orbital swelling is present. Please send pictures.

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Permanent "bruising" after Nose Surgery

Cynical surgical lore states that one way or another ll bleeding stops. Nose surgery bleeding cannot and does not continue or days much less for months. What ou are seeing permanent staining of tissues by an iron containing breakdown product of blood called hemosiderin. This situation is unfortunately very hard to correct. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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