2 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty, How Can I Tell if I Have a 'Rocker Deformity'?

I had rhinoplasty about two months ago and I now have a bony ridge laterally to my left eye. It is very prominent and is not present on the right. I can not find any pictures showing this deformity. Thank you.

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"Rocker Deformity" 2 Months after Rhinoplasty

A "rocker deformity" is a movable bony segment of the bridge. Your surgeon will be able to tell you if this is an unstable piece of bone secondary to an incomplete osteotomy or a prominent fragment of bone. Either way, this can be corrected by a relatively simple revision.

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2 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty, How Can I Tell if I Have a 'Rocker Deformity'?

  A "rocker deformity" refers top a free floating portion of nasal bone(s) at the top (nasal root) where the two nasal bones meet.  Typically a rocker deformity is created by an uneven osteotomy breaking the nasal bones in a tangential fashion.  Called a rocker deformity because the protruding piece of bone rocks (or more appropriately stated...pushes in) when pressed.  An experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon should be able to tell if your bone protrusion is an actual rocker deformity or just a ridge of bone.

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Sharp ridge after rhinoplasty

A rocker deformity refers to a movable bone segment, and your problem is with a ridge or bone edge along the left bridge. If visible, or uncomfortable, your surgeon should be able to smooth it out after six months or more.

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Rocker Deformity in Rhinoplasty

A rocker deformity in rhinoplasty refers to both a prominent and moveable bone segment after nasal osteotomies. Your description is more consistent with a palpable bone edge than a rocker deformity, particularly given its location. This edge will be something for you and your surgeon to follow for several months after surgery to determine what happens with it with more healing time. Whether this issue will require revision is at least six months away before making a final judgment

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Rhinoplasty and a "rocker deformity".

Rhinoplasty and a "rocker deformity" is a bowing out of a nasal bone. The way to tell is to see your surgeon and ask him during a post op visit. He will be able to tell if this is a rocker or a bone fragment. 

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Defomity after rhinoplasty

Pictures would certainly help here.

By two months the results should be reaching final form.  A bony defect such as an asymmetric ridge may need to be revised.  Except for the case of an obvious and debilitating deformity I would wait 6 months for scar maturation before considering a revision.

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