How Long Before Exercising After Otoplasty?

I scheduled an otoplasty for next week, and I was wondering how long should I wait before start doing exercises such as pilates or power plate?

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There are different levels of exercise. Beginning the next day after otoplasty, I encourage my patients to begin some light walking. After the first few weeks, one can begin to slowly resume heavier aerobic activity and weight lifting. Exercise that results in perspiration is not recommended early. As you swelling subsides, you may gradually work you way up to your usual exercise routine. The pace with vary from patient to patient due to differences in healing.

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Give yourself some time to heal after otoplasty

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  • The procedure for changing your ear shape is delicate and relys on your compliance for excellent results. 
  • Auricular Hematoma or collections of blood under the skin of the ear are what we are trying to prevent. 
  • During the first few weeks, protect your ears from being hit or bumped.
  • I would let you start stretching and light pilates after 10 days, but ask you to limit strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks.
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Exercising after otoplasty

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I typically have my patients avoid physical activity other than walking and light chores around the house for the first week after surgery.  I also prefer no heavy lifting for a total of 3-4 weeks after surgery to allow swelling to subside and to prevent the potential of a hematoma from increased Valsalva pressure.  

Wait 3-4 Weeks Following Otoplasty Before Resuming Exercise/Activities

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Patients who undergo otoplasty are often eager to resume their work out routines as soon as possible after surgery.  In most cases, patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities for 3 to 4 weeks following surgery.  Contact sports should be avoided for 6 to 8 weeks following surgery.

                  If you’re an athlete who’s considering otoplasty, it’s important to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon.  Your surgeon should be able to give you specific information about when it’s safe to resume strenuous activity.

Otoplasty and how long to exercise

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I would suggest 20% at 2 weeks and this would be the time period that I would start. Then it will be 60% of your effort at 6 weeks, and 90% at 6 months. Most people say start slowly at 2 weeks and work up gradually.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

No exercising for two weeks after otoplasty

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It is important not to exercise for 2 weeks after elective cosmetic surgery including an otoplasty.  Any exercise is just going to make the ears swell more and it is best to just keep any exercise to a minimum for the first 2 weeks after the surgical procedure.  

Exercise after otoplasty

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Most patients can resume exercise within a week if tissues are healing well and there is no trauma to the area form contact sports.  Donald R. Nunn MD   Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

How Long Before Exercising After Otoplasty...

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An Otoplasty is a very delicate procedure and should be handled with care and patience.  Depending on how you feel, you should start out with nonstrenuous exercise after 10 days.  Wait for strenuous activities for at least two weeks.  Also don't do anything that could cause significant contact to your ears for 2 months.  When doing pilates after two weeks, make sure you are not causing additional swelling or pain, and then it will be OK to advance your workouts.  Be sure to check in with your plastic surgeon before progressing with your workout regimen.

Exercise after Otoplasty

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Thank you for the question.

I ask patients who have had otoplasty surgery to avoid strenuous exercise/lifting for at least 2 weeks after surgery. I also asked these patients to avoid contact sports for 3 months after surgery.

Best wishes.

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