Is Minor Bleeding and Headache Normal After Ears Pinned Back?

My son had his operation on Friday to have his ears pinned back. He has had some minor bleeding from his ears and a headache is this normal?

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Otoplasty and mild bleeding and headache

These are normal symptoms after the procedure but I would still bring this up to the doctor. Your doctor should see you the next day after the surgery to make sure that things are okay and that you are healing well. I always see the patient the next day unless there is good reason not to. If I feel there is anything that is present that I might have to follow closely, I will have them come back in a day or two and not later than 5 days after then initially come back the next day.

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Minor bleeding and headaches not unusual after otoplasty

It is not uncommon to have some minor bleeding within a few days of having as otoplasty and manipulation of the ear cartilage with cutting and sutures can cause a headache.  If these persist or become worse rather than better, be sure to contact your surgeon as soon as possible, particularly if there is associated fevers or unusual swelling.

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Otoplasty recovery?

Thank you for the question.

Although “minor bleeding and headache” can be  part of the normal recovery after otoplasty surgery it  would be best to address any questions or concerns with the operating surgeon.  You're much more likely to get accurate assessment by personal evaluation than from online consultants.

Best wishes.


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