Estimated Chin Implant Recovery Time?

I searched the internet about getting a chin implant and all I seem to see are bad experiences and horror stories. Or, is it mostly just unhappy people that flock to those message boards?

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Recovery after Chin Implant Placement

After doing chin implant surgery for 35 years I can tell you that I had 1 infection 30+ years ago when I was placing the implants through the mouth; I've not had an infection since. One other patient had nerve irritation after placement so I removed the implant and later replaced it without any problems. My experience with this procedure is not unique; most of the surgeons responding on this site will say that there is truly minimal risk with this operation. After 10 days post-op there will be minimal swelling, but chin definition will continue to improve for several months.

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Recovery after chin implant surgery

Chin implants begin to heal almost immediately. I prefer the lower chin incision as there is minimal injury to the mucosa inside the mouth.  I would say the typical recovery is a few days.

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Recovery time from chin implant

The chin implant operation is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia.  It can also be performed under general anesthesia if the patient wishes to do so. The implant is inserted through a small ½ inch incision underneath the chin and placed directly over the bone.  It takes approximately half an hour to perform the procedure.  Most patients have approximately 10 days of bruising and swelling afterwards.  Full healing from the implant takes approximately 2 months, before which is when visible swelling has disappeared.  When performed correctly, the complication rate is much less than 1%.

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Risks of chin implants

Chin implantation is a safe procedure that usually results in a happy patient with a quick recovery, less than 2 weeks. It is necessary to wear a supportive garment for the first week full time, then one more week at night.  I have done revisions usually because the implant was too big (especially in women), crooked and even after nerve damage. Make sure you go to a surgeon that you like and is comfortable with this procedure-it shouldn't be a bad experience.

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Estimated Chin Implant Recovery

Recovery from chin augmentation surgery will vary with the the type of implant and incision used, and whether other procedures were done at the same time. The chin augmentation recovery process is not considered to be painful relative to other surgeries; oral medication will control pain for the first few days, and after that no pain medicine is typically needed.

The evening of your surgery date, your lower lip and mouth may feel numb, as if you’ve been to the dentist. As sensation returns, your lower jaw will feel tight and sore from your body’s natural swelling response. It is at this point that you can take your pain medication, if necessary. You are encouraged to engage in light activity. If your implant was placed through an incision beneath your chin, the sutures (if they are not self dissolving) will be removed after 5–10 days. If your chin augmentation was performed through the mouth, you will be on a liquid or soft-foods diet for a few days while your mucosal skin heals. You will rinse your mouth out regularly to keep the incision clean.

The sutures will dissolve on their own over the course of a few weeks.You will experience an odd sensation in your chin for a time while your nerves return to their normal function.

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Chin Implant surgery

The operation is straight forward and if done correctly should give a great result!! The recovery is a full year for final results but at six weeks most of the swelling is gone. Depending on your surgeon you will have supportive tape for about a week! By 3 weeks gradual activity and exercise should be fine!


Good luck !

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