Jaw Implant For Round Face?

I have a very round, "moon" face with little definition and bone structure. I was wondering if jaw implants would help give more definition and help give my lower face a more v-shape by giving my mandible angle more projection and then have the rest of my face taper in. If so, what type of jaw implant would you recommend and what is the average price range for such a surgery? Thanks!

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Jaw and Chin Implants Can Create a More Heart-Shaped Face

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In general, jaw and chin implants can help to create a longer or more heart-shaped face in some patients. Because you didn't post any photos, I can't say whether you are a candidate for this cosmetic procedure. Your best bet is to begin consulting with facial plastic surgeons to find out what their recommendations are. You can get a more precise idea about price that way, too. I hope this helps.

Jaw implants to reduce roundness of face

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The jaw implants are composed of silastic and are placed through the intraoral approach over the angle of the mandible.  They create an angular jaw line just below the ears.  The approximate price is $4500 to $5000, which includes the operating room, surgeon’s fee, and the anesthesia fee for this one-hour surgery.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Jaw Implants vs. Radiesse for Facial definition

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Hi there- 

Without a consultation and examination, it is not possible to responsibly answer your question.

I can tell you that it is possible to improve the mandibular profile using jaw implants. We have also had success achieving patient's goals for an improved profile with Radiesse injections, which can last up to two years without surgery.

Jaw Implants for Round Face

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We must answer your question very generically because you did not submit any pictures. Jaw implants can be placed to provide more definition and give your lower face a more v-shape. However, the size and type of implant(s) and their placement depends on your particular needs. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Central Changes For A More Tapered Facial Shape

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Without seeing pictures of your face and its shape, no definitive answers can be provided. But there are some general strategies to helping create a more tapered or angular shape in someone with a rounder or full face. These can include buccal lipectomies, perioral liposuction and a central projecting chin implant positioned low on the bone in a female. (if there is a horizontal chin deficiency) It would be very unlikely that jaw angle implants will be of help and may only serve to make your face more square or wide but not tapered. Think of pulling your central facial structures inward and down, not your outer facial structures outward to create a more tapered face from a round one.  

Jaw implants can make your face into more of a V

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But it depends on the person and their anatomy. Chin implants could also help that to a degree as well as cheek implants. These are the different ways to explore how to change your face. The jaw implants typically range between $3000-15000 depending on who you go to.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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