How Can a Chin Implant Displacement Be Corrected?

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Fix a displaced chin implant. Help!

A displaced chin implant can usually be repositioned with the minimum of difficulty. The implant end can also become folded and Malpositioned.these procedures can be usually performed under local anesthesia. If the chin implant has become very severely misplaced, it may require some internal Suture placement or, rarely, removal for a while as this heels and then the implant can be replaced. Dr. Joseph P Hunstad

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Repositioning of Discplaced Chin Implant

If a chin implant is not in the proper position , it can be repositioned. You do not mention when the implant was placed; wait until you're sure that all swelling has resolved. I assume you surgeon is aware of any asymmetries of the jaw which could influence the appearance of the chin implant.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Revisional Chin Implant Repositioning

Chin implant displacement can occur because the implant wings are asymmetrical or the entire chin implant is positioned too high on the chin bone. Asymmetry of the implant wings has become more common today due to the widespread use of newer chin implant designs that have  extensions or wings with fine feather edges. While they are of great value in creating a more natural chin appearance, particularly in men, great care must be taken to get symmetric pocket developments that are long enough to accomodate the length of the implant. Too high of an implant position is quite commonly seen with the intraoral approach for insertion. In either case, secondary correction is straightforward with implant repositioning/pocket adjustment with secure fixation of the implant to its new bony position. To do that I prefer the use of screws to assure what I have obtained in surgery forever stays that way.

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Chin implants

Depending on the severity of the deformity and type of implant. A  displaced implant may be repositioned, sometimes it has to be taken out and come back at a later stage and reinsert the implant or look into other modalities of chin augmentation.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Chin implant revsion

The answer is straight forward. If it is obvious you will need to have surgery again once the significant swelling. Has subsided!

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