Bumps near internal sutures at temples on day 9 post op face/neck lift - tips for getting rid of these? (photos)

I seem to have a couple of bumps around my internal sutures at my temples ( I'm day 9 post face/neck lift and upper bleph). My results everywhere else is great-great chin/neck/eyes. Bumps noticeable when my fine hair falls back off my face. Advised to massage with e45. I know it's early days and they will hopefully resolve with time but have you Any advice, products to recommend or action that can be taken to resolve quicker please as don't want people to know had op! Thanks

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Bumps Along Incision Line After Facelift Surgery

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Thanks for your question.  This is a common occurrence in the early days after facelift surgery.  They will settle after time.  If your surgeon tells you to massage, then follow their instruction.  The most important component is your patience.  I know that can be difficult, especially when it is your face, but often that is all that is needed.  Good luck to you and be sure to enjoy your new look!!

Bumps following facelift surgery in Beverly Hills

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Hi and thanks for the question.

Bumps along surgical scar lines are quite common early in the post-op period. I would advise following the recommendation of your surgeon. If you decide to massage, do it with a gentle hand. The scar line will not reach maximum strength for a full 8 weeks following surgery, and over aggressive massaging may have deleterious effects, so be careful.

Best of luck,

Dr. Vallecillos 

Facelift 9 days Post Op

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Thank you for your question.  9 days post op is still very early days therefore lumps and irregularities around the incision area is not uncommon.  The healing process of any procedures can take 3-6 months before fully healed and settled.  I will only advise my patients to start massaging their incisions after 4 weeks, this is to ensure the wounds have all properly healed and there is no signs of infection or wound break down.  Once my patients attend their 1 months follow up, I then will advise whether massaging in circular motions can be carried out.  

Please ensure you make regular follow up appointment with your surgeon so he can access your recovery process.

All The Best 

Post op bumps

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It is really not unusual to be experiencing irregular bumps at 9 days post op. I would definitely advise that you discuss your concerns with your surgeon, but I think this is really just a question of giving your body the time that it needs to heal. 


Kouros Azar 

Lumps and Bumps after Facelift

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Some bumpiness along the suture line after a facelift is common.  Often, the bumps seen or felt are the small knots from the dissolvable suture, or a small amount of swelling that is part of the healing process in this area.  If you leave the areas alone, they should resolve and heal very well.

If you want to speed up the healing process, gentle massage over the area can help smooth the bumps out a bit faster.  Be gentle! And use a very mild moisturizer (like E45). Remember that the skin edges are still fragile and need time to strengthen.  Aggressive massage can also increase redness and irritation in the area.

Best of luck!

Kyle T. Yamamoto, MD
Reno Facial Plastic Surgeon

Give it time

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Skin closure irregularities are common following facelift.  Give it some time, as most will subside with time.  It's a good idea to discuss with your surgeon.

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