Could Ears Change Shape From Wearing Headset?

I'm 16, and for the past 3 years most of the day I've been wearing a computer headset, and I've noticed my ears are pushed back more than they were before, my right one noticeably more than the left. If I stop using the headset will they go back to normal, and after how long? Thanks

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Ear molding with headphones

Dear Naldu

  • I don't think that there is evidence that your ears can be permanently reshaped by wearing headphones at your age. 
  • In a small infant, the ear cartilages can be molded ,but the ears mature and this is less successful as we get older. 
  • If you have asymmetry and it bothers you, your parents and you can attend a consult for Otoplasty with a surgeon to get an opinion. 
  • Best Wishes

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Once an Adult, Your Ear Shape is Permanent

Thanks for this interesting question.  Once you are out of infancy, your ear shape is pretty much permanent.  Only in the first weeks of life can the ear be molded.  When you take your headphones off, you should notice that the ears return to a stable position.  You have likely been wearing them so much that you have not really noticed their baseline shape!   Also, the headphones should be applying equal pressure to both sides, so this could not explain the more prominence that you notice on the left.

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Wearing a headset will not change ear shape.

The adult ear has a shape that will yield temporarily to pressure but will return to the original shape when the pressure is relieved.  It will not reshape permanently.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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