Can yawning open the nasal tip sutures a week after rhinoplasty?

I felt a tight sensation through my nasal tip whenever I yawned through my nose (I couldn't stop it). Now when I yawn the tight sensation is gone..question is did I open my Nasal sutures since there is no longer a tight sensation through my nose when I yawn?

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Effect of Yawning on Nose

Hi Rubyqosmio,When you yawn, there is a stretching effect on the alar which can also be felt through the tip, but as long as you don't see any change in the shape of the nose, please don't worry.

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Suture disruption

it is very unlikely for yawning to be able to do that,unless it is a rapidly resorbing suture purposefully used by your surgeon. More likely what you are feeling are the changes related to resolution of a significant part of the swelling at the end of one week. I hope this helps.

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Can yawning open the nasal tip sutures a week after rhinoplasty?

Thank you for your question.With the passage of time after rhinoplasty, the swelling reduces. As the swelling reduces, the tissues feel less tight. That is what you are experiencing right now. I would not expect yawning alone to disrupt the nasal tip sutures. Hope that helps.Kind regards.

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