How to Correct my Drooping Nose Tip?

When I smile, my nose tip droops down. I read about the depressor septi being cut but I think my doctor does not want to cut any muscle. he wants to attach a cartilige or something to the septum. Which way is better? My sister had the muscle cut and her results are good. Her nose tip no longer drooped, but that was 8 years ago and things have changed.

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Everyone is different

Cutting or removing the depressor septi muscle is one of many techniques used to decrease a droopy tip.  However, often that by itself is not sufficient.  Cartilage grafts and repositioning of the tip may be needed. You need to be examined by a rhinoplasty expert.  Your nasal tip may actually need to be rotated up a bit.

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Correction of a Drooping Nasal Tip

Thanks for the great question! Correcting a droopy or hanging nasal tip can result in a significant improvement in overall facial aesthetics. Cutting the depressor septi muscle during rhinoplasty can help in some patients, but this is not the primary issue for everyone. In a lot of cases, the septum is too long and it forces the tip downward. The septum can be trimmed and/or the tip cartilages can be rotated back and attached to the septum. These techniques result in rotation of the nasal tip upwards relative to the lip.

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Rhinoplasty surgery may be considered for elevation of a droopy nasal tip.

If you're a woman, an attractive angle between your nose and upper lip may be between 95 and 100 degrees. In our practice, we do not cut the depressor septi muscles. Droopy nasal tips are typically addressed by reconstructing the alar tip cartilages for a more pleasing appearance. We also add support to prevent drooping with a columellar shoring strut that may be custom carved from your septal cartilage. Hope this helps. Dr Joseph

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To answer the question of how to best treat your droopy tip, I'd have to see you or pictures of the nasal tip on profile, front and from below the nostrils looking up...both at rest and when you are smiling.  Droopy nasal toips can be from:

  • Enlarged upper lateral cartilages literally pushing the nasal tip doen (tension tip)
  • weak nasal cartilage that lacks the proper support and so it sags
  • a full angle of the anterior septum causing the nasal tip to point downward giving the illusion of drooping
  • any combination of above with active nasal muscle

To plan the best course of action during a Rhinoplasty one must first have a thorough evaluation, of the nose, to plan the appropriate corrective measures.

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Drooping Tip

Cutting the depressor muscle does help to inhibit tip drop with facial animation, as you saw with your sister. Discuss this again with your surgeon. Interrupting the muscle is an easy, minimally invasive procedure. The placement of cartilage at the end of your septum (we call this a strut) will help support the tip. If you're happy with the position of your tip when not smiling, this may not be necessary.

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Non-surgical alternative

A nice alternative to try before surgery is a small injection of Botox. A skilled physician who understands Botox and facial anatomy can put a small amount of Botox into the muscle and this can give you the "fix" you are looking for before turning to surgery.

As a facial plastic surgeon, I can recommend rhinoplasty as the more permanent alternative. Of course, cutting the muscle is one option but muscles do heal. There are pros and cons to putting a cartilage graft to elevate the tip. It really depends on your individual nasal tip. Factors like skin type, shape of your nasal cartilages, septal deviation can all play a role. You can try the Botox and schedule your consultation with an expert.

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Drooping nose tip correction depends

The anatomy in siblings will not be exactly alike. What worked for one might not be the right thing for the other. Rhinoplasty is a very complicated operation. If you doubt what has been recommended to you, I would speak to other rhinoplasty experts before deciding.

Post photos and we can offer more advice.

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Commonly performed

The depressor septi muscle can be easily clipped at the time of the rhinoplasty surgery. When successfully clipped, the tip will no longer drop when smiling after the surgery. This is commonly performed and has no consequences to it.

William Portuese, MD
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