How to Increase Nose Size?

My nose is very small and I want it to make it bigger. What is the best way to do it?

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How to increase the size of your nose through rhinoplasty surgery.

It is difficult to determine what you are hoping to increase without first seeing photos but, generally, yes - it is possible to increase the size of the nose in several ways, both through rhinoplasty surgery and non-surgical approaches.

It is possible to alter the projection of the nose and “increase size”. Projection refers to the distance that the nose lifts away from the face on profile view, and it can be increased in a nose that is under-projected through such surgical procedures as cartilage grafting and implants or non-surgically with dermal fillers.

It is also possible to alter the height of the nose. For example, a silicone or gortex implant could be added surgically along the bridge of the nose to lift the height of the bridge and make it appear “larger” or more prominent. If you are looking for a non-surgical, albeit temporary, result, this can also be achieved through the use of dermal fillers.

The best course of action is to visit a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty surgery. He or she will be able to provide you with computer imaging photos that reflect the possible changes surgery can provide you, as well as accurately coach you through what the most appropriate changes are for your unique features.

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Increasing the size of a nose. Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Hard to say exactly what you might need without photos.  That being said, there are many ways to augment certain aspects of your nose.  It really depends on what is your goal, and what is surgically possible.  Best to see a board certified plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist, (ENT).

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Augmentation Rhinoplasty: Increasing the Size of a Small Nose

For patients who desire a larger nose, the nasal framework must be made larger. This is called augmentation rhinoplasty and can be accomplished via open or closed techniques depending on specific features of the nose.

To increase the size, grafts are placed beneath the skin. While synthetic implants can accomplish this, some patients experience problems such as implant infection, migration, visibility, and even extrusion.

The most reliable means of augmenting the nose is to use natural tissues from the patient (ear, septum, rib cartilage). The type and size of the graft needed depends on what part of the nose needs to be made bigger.

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Augmentation rhinoplasty

Hello Rayan,

The best and most consistent way of augmenting the size of a small nose is through the use of cartilage grafts. It is always best to use your own tissue and we normally use cartilage from your nasal septum, ears or rib. The decision of what tissue to use is made depending on the amount of cartilage needed and what type of tissue is required (soft, flexible cartilage or more rigid and stronger cartilage). This allows us to give patients a long lasting result that will age well and maintain its result. Good luck.

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Nasal augmentation

I'll have you know that nasal augmentation procedures are one of the most uncommon and therefore few surgeons deal with them satisfactorily, of course talking about primary rhinoplasties, since in revisions it is the most common scenario.

Augmentation rhinoplasties are bound to ethnic noses, like african or mainly asian noses (specially philippine noses, others as well).

There are also partial augmentation noses, example: the dorsum is excessive but the tip is tiny and needs increas, or maybe the tip is largely bulbous but the nose is short, and like these dozens of combinations.

Augmentation rhinoplasties do necessarily involve massive grafting, adding complexity and surgical time.

With all that say may be needless to say that you must perform a thorough research on doctors' skills and experience in complex noses.

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