Is it normal to have a bad taste in my mouth days after a Rhinoplasty?

I think it might be draining into my throat. I have a really really bad taste in my mouth, I'm at the point where I can't eat anything besides mints bc everything has a bad metalish taste to it. I bled out a bit, but not a lot. I'm using Saline drops and cleaning my nose and I've gotten my airways to open up a bit. The first few days after I was fine, and didn't have this taste, but when my airways started to open up that's when this taste came. Is this normal? I'm actually worried.

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Bad taste after rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question. It is quite common to have abnormal taste after rhinoplasty surgery.  This can be due to intranasal packing, splints, and/or modification of the nasal turbinates. It can also be due to antibiotic treatment.  The side effects of many antibiotic treatments are a metallic taste in the mouth.  This can be eliminated with anti fungal, oral, Nystatin solution. You must have your surgeon evaluate a thorough ENT examination to make sure this is the appropriate treatment for you.  Eating more apples and oranges can improve the taste and any bad breath.  Also, drinking green tea which has polyphenol antioxidants can be extremely helpful to recover taste and improve bad breath.  Whatever the cause, most cases of metallic taste will improve over the next 6 weeks.  I hope this information is helpful. Best wishes in your recovery!


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