Lower blepharoplasty with fat grafting. Is this a good price?

The procedure I hope to afford is $7,125 total. This is for 2&1/2 hours of work on a blepharoplasty & fat grafting. I would like fat grafting in the areas I was hoping to get fillers because he's saying it's around the same price and will last. The 'other areas' are not part of the quote yet....what's are your thoughts on this quote. He's certified and very experienced.

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Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Grafting

It is difficult to give you an exact answer without knowing exactly what will be fat grafted and the blepharoplasty technique and whether this includes the facility and anesthesia and what kind of facility if it is included. However, if the doctor is experienced as you indicate and plans on releasing the attachment of the muscle from the bone and using the internal fat to pad the bone and graft other areas, then you will probably get what you pay for. The eyelid area is a very difficult area and requires significant experience and expertise. It also requires good anesthesia and a certified facility which are also expensive if you wish to do the surgery safely.

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Price While Important Should Never Be the Most Important Part Of Your Cosmetic Surgery Decision

Michigan42 Price is important but here are the more important questions;
  1. Is this doctor an eyelid expert? Or a breast expert who occasionally does eyelids? While many plastic surgeons perform eyelid surgery very well, there are a subset of surgeons whose specialty is eyelids and the surrounding area.  ( ASOPRS) We get called upon by other doctors when they have difficulty around the delicate eyelid and orbital area?
  2. Does he perform the procedure in a certified operating room with a board certified anesthesiologist? Your safety, comfort and sterility should be of optimum importance.
  3. Does he use a scalpel blade or a laser to perform the procedure?
  4. Is he making a skin incision on the eyelids or sculpting the skin and fat with a laser?
  5. Any stitches?
  6. What is the fat transfer process?  Does he spin the fat? Does he have a system to improve the viability of the fat?
  7. Is he available to you 24 hours/ day if you have questions?

You asked an earlier question about improving the eyelids with a different method. ( but showed a different patient's photos) Are you convinced that you have picked the right procedure now?

I am happy to give you a second opinion, regardless if you choose me or not.  Please speak with Laney to set up an appointment. 5862547692

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