Im So Depressed and Crying Since the 5th Day Post Op of BA (Gen Anesthesia),how Long Will This Last?

i Had my BA july 19, on july 24 i started feeling depressed,crying. Im so depressed until now. Is this a side effect of the general anesthesia? I've read some articles about the connection. Pls help

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Depression after surgery

Thanks for an excellent question.  I absolutely believe that surgery can induce depression and by the way I have seen it with all types of surgery including those performed under local or sedation.  Pain meds in particular can be a culprit and simply feeling vunerable or limited in your capacity after surgery can alter mood.  This emotional roller coaster should get better.  You should be seeing your plastic surgeon regulary at this stage and be discussing your concerns.

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Crying Post op

The first weeks can be really difficult– physically and especially emotionally after any cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation is no exception Assuming your surgery went well this may be a normal reaction. Although several factors may be involved causing this including underlying stress, medications, psychological tendencies, etc - many women experience a sequence of emotional feelings "Emotional Rollercoaster" following aesthetic surgery - but it does pass. Having a partner, family member , or friend who is supportive can help this process.The stages of emotional ups and downs if understood in advance can help you stay calm and get you through this process more quickly.
Phase 1 – Being Out of It
Swelling and discomfort is most severe over the first few days after breast augmentation. Pain medications also can make you disoriented and emotional.
Phase 2 – Mood Swings
Having just had breast augmentation you are adjusting to a sudden change in your appearance with much anticipation.. The presence of bruising, swelling, and edema, your breasts aren't going to be look like the final outcome. Mood swings especially sadness, worry and depression are common.You may even ask: "What have I done?" or think that "I never should have done it"
Phase 3 Being over critical
During the second week you will probably be feeling a lot better. The edema (swelling) and muscle cramping/spasms if implants were under the muscle will be decreasing and stiches out.. Because of anticipation it is natural for you to look critiacally at your new breasts worrying about symmetry, scars, and so on. . So; it's normal to wonder if you acheived your goal and "what you paid for" . This is too soon to tell and most concerns are resolved with time.
Phase 4 Happy at last
Finally, about week 3 or so, you will probably start liking how you look and are feeling much better.. You may be in the mood to buy your new bra to check out the size difference, check out some bathing suits or tops to show off your new figure and show off.
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Im So Depressed and Crying Since the 5th Day Post Op of BA (Gen Anesthesia),how Long Will This Last?

Thank you for the good question. Yes, significant “emotional” swings are quite commonly encountered after all types of elective surgery. The specific cause of the "postoperative depression" is not known; in my opinion, it is probably multifactorial ( factors such as stress, pain, unanticipated length of recovery, being away from usually enjoyed activities/people…).
In my experience, patients who have a history of depression may be more prone to such emotional “ups and downs”. In other words, patient personality features ( "glass half full") makes a difference when it comes to the recovery experience.
I think that it is ideal for patients to be at their best physically, mentally, and psychosocially prior to proceeding with tummy tuck or mommy makeover surgery.
I would suggest that patients do their best to occupy your mind with activities that they enjoy. For example, for our patients experiencing these types of post operative “sadness”, I suggest they walk outdoors (fresh air), see movies, read books they enjoy, seek family/friends' support…

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See your surgeon.

Before this gets worse, please see your surgeon about this. Emotions can become out of control after surgery, however this is something that your surgeon can help you with. Best of luck.

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Depression Due To Medication After Breast Augmentation


It is not uncommon that patients fall into a depression mode with various levels depending on each patient.

The main cause for the type of depression you exhibit tend to be attributed to the medications your body had to metabolize (narcotic, anesthetics, etc.) affecting your hormonal balance.

Decreasing your dependence on pain medication tend to help overcome your state of depression.

Moreover, it is imperative that you keep communicating with your surgeon who will be able to change your prescription medication if necessary and to guide through your transition phase.

I hope you will feel better soon and thank you for an important post.

The best of wishes to you.

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Depression after surgery

I agree with the previous post- the most common reason people become depressed after surgery is from the side effects of the narcotic pain medication- if you can switch to Tylenol, you are likely to feel better quicker.  Good luck!

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