Can Tight Bras Cause Breast Augmentation Complications?

There are a lot of studies that conclude that lymphatic constriction caused by tight bras can cause cancer. There are also articles that state poorly fitting bras cause the implants to be pushed around in unnatural ways. And loose bras let breasts sag. Finally, there are articles that state tight bras cause scar tissue. My question is this: can you conclusively state that tight bras do not cause or worsen bottoming out, capsular contracture (reduced lymphatic flow), and symmestasia?

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Bra and breast augmentation complications

General generally speaking, there is no scientific association between the bra and the conditions you described. Complications such as symastia, lateral and inferior meal position of implants are related to factors other than the bra shape and tightness. The shape of the aggrevate or accentuate an existing problem, but unlikely to be the direct cause. Best wishes.

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Bras after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

You are obviously a good researcher and I'm sure you know that all kinds of studies exist that conclude all kinds of things. The conclusions of the studies of course are only as good as the quality of the research performed.

 Although I cannot “conclusively state” anything, I can give you my opinion that loose or tight bras are not primarily responsible for any type of  breast implant  related complication.  In regards to breast implant malposition problems, most good plastic surgeon's word first look towards  what we have done technically as a potential cause of the implant malposition. In other words, issues such as over dissection of the breast implant pocket may be responsible for eventual breast implant displacement/malposition.

I do not know of any conclusive study that definitively proves that loose or tight fitting bras cause any major postoperative complication after breast augmentation surgery. However, tight fitting bras can cause problems such as discomfort, prolonged swelling, skin irritation, and/or blistering.

 I hope this helps

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

I would be interested in the data you are desrcibing as I have never come accross it I suggest you go see a local breast surgeon to help understand what is know about breast disease

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Bras after augmentation

I have never heard  that wearing a tight bra can cause cancer or any of the other problems you mention.  I do recommend that patients wear a bra after breast augmentation to take the weight of the implant off the skin and hopefully this will prevent sagging.  Many plastic surgeons have different recommendations regarding wearing a bra after surgery, but I am not aware of any scientific studies  about the issue.

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