Sharp Pain in Breasts One Month After Breast Augmentation?

It has been one month since my submuscular breast augmentation. I had 360cc in my left implant and 340cc in my right. I have recently had an increase in the pain in both breasts. The best way for me to describe it is "sharp." Sometimes when I move my arms I feel an electrical-like pain move from the top of my breasts to the bottom. It is most noticeable when I'm laying slightly on my left side and move my right arm over my right breast at which point I feel a twinge or spasm. Is this normal?

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Lightening shock pains after Breast Augmentation

Your descriptions is classic for nerve pain.  Many patients descibe it as a lightening shock pains or even vibratory sensations.  This is most likely due to stretching of the nerve during surgery or inflammation building up around the nerve as you increase your activity.  The pain should go away with time but you should discuss it with you PS.  I recommend taking an anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen, and applying warm compresses to the sensitive area.  I hope this helps and good luck.

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Breast pains after augment

You are describing nerve pain as the sensory nerves regenerate after surgical dissection. This is common. You should certainly discuss it with your plastic surgeon and OTC anti-inflammatory meds may help.

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Sharp pains

The sharp pains that feel like electric shocks are usually due to nerve regeneration after stretching.  They will subside over time.  Desensitization exercises like massage help, and I occasionally prescribe medications that help calm the nerve impulses.  Talk to your surgeon, and I am sure he can help you if they become too much to handle!  good luck!


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The sharp pain your describing sound normal. Usually after breast augmentation it takes month for the nerves to regenerate and sharp pain to your breast is what it feels like. It should subside with time. You can take anti-inflammatory to help with your discomfort. Make sure you follow up with your surgeon to assure yourself its nothing else.


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