I Have a Dent on the Center of my Forehead, How Can This Be Filled/corrected?

Please advise..

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Bony contour or soft tissue deformity?

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From your photo, it is a bit difficult to say, but it seems to me that the depression is more related to the bony contour of your forhead.

An in-person consultation will help to determine whether it is bony contour, or soft tissue deformity, as the treatments can be very different.

Good luck

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Treatment of forehead depression.

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I have treated many patients with forehead dents and bumps.  But the ffirst part of my plan is always to find  the cause.  This allows me to make sure the treatment will be successful.  Usually a CT scan is done first to know if is the bone or soft tissue since the treatment is different. See an experienced surgeon for the best result.

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Recontouring a Forehead Indentation.

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There are a variety of filling options to improve the contour of your forehead indentation. These range from off-the-shelf injectable fillers, fat injections and even an injectable bone putty to build the bone area out. I am assuming that this is a soft tissue deformity and is not caused by an underlying bone depression. Either way, there are advantages and disadvantages to all of these  approaches and it would be important that you have a thorough discussion about how they all work and how long they may last. It would also be helpful to know what caused this indentation or has it always been there.

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Fat in the right places

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You have three options: Fat grafting, fillers or implant.

I would start with fillers as they are temporary and will allow you to test having this area filled. If you like the way it looks move onto fat grafting. It will give a natural and smooth result with minimal downtime. You could also use some fat around the eyes or cheek bones if you wish. It is a great tool!

Hope this helps.

Best of luck,


Benjamin Caughlin, MD
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Radiesse Treatment

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There are several ways to correct a dent in the forehead. Let me assume that the dent was caused by trauma and there maybe a scar and soft tissue atrophy. If there is loss of bone that would require further investigation. If it just soft tissue maybe filler such as Radiese could be used.  Fat injection is an option along with a dermal fat graft.

There even several other ways to consider but that may confuse you further. It is best to have a board certified physician advise you which is the best way to go.

Indentation on forehead - fat?

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I would get a full evaluation by a cosmetic surgeon, including review of old photos and considering imaging (CT) and then if this all looks normal, fat transfer could definitely be an option for you. Consult a surgeon in person for specifics on the procedure and good luck!

I Have a Dent on the Center of my Forehead, How Can This Be Filled/corrected?

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Thank you for your question. I recommend a consultation for an evaluation of the defect; however, most likely fat transfer would be a viable option to corret the "dent". A physical examination would provide more information on  the defect that can help us discuss your options. Make sure the surgeon you chose is board certified. 

Correction of Forehead Depressions - Many choices

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To answer your question it would be important to understand the nature of your "dent", forehead depression. For example was it from trauma with soft tissue atrophy, were you born that way (congenital), is it due to a bony depression in your skull. A CT scan and certainly an exam would be helpful. 

In my experience though fat transfer might work,  a more predictable solution would be with a long term filler such as Radiesse. If a bony deformity then "bone paste" or even acrylic, or  permanent filler can be placed. Alternatively, Alloderm or other even a dermal-fat graft (which can be taken from an existing scar might be used to fill this in. My advise is to have a consult and work up by a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss in detail your options

Forehead dent treatment

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I presume the dent isn't related to a trauma or surgery. An exam will help determine the soft tissue vs bone component.

Recontouring of the forehead can be done with soft tissue fillers or bone cement. This is best explored after having the area examined in person, though.

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