I have a dent on one side of my head, my right side to be precise: Will fat injections help? (Photo)

I do not believe my head was subject to any trauma, it's been there as long as I can remember (even asked my mom) . Can anyone tell me what could have caused this? I wonder if it's common and if it has a name? Any viable minimally invasive solutions? I have read Bone Cement and fat injections as being possible ways to even it out. The rest of my face/head is very symmetrical. Aside: It is not a soft spot; it is quite hard.

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"Dent" on the right side of the head ?

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From the pictures it appears you have a more pronounced "suture line" on the right frontal skull. When you were born your skull was "open" in certain areas for the brain to expand . Gradually the skull fused. Your right frontal suture line fused more pronounced. Very often the cause is unknown. It appears to be  a "cosmetic" but not "functional" problem.
A consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help you. After examination he may suggest an easy and small correction or a more invasive one. He may also suggest not to correct this deformity at all.
As you can see options for you depend on an examination by a Plastic Surgeon.
Good luck.

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