Chin Dimple Surgery - Options for Permanent Chin Dimple Removal?

I have a pretty deep chin dimple that I don't like much. What would be the most permanent, least invasive and economical way to remove the dimple? Thanks!

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Chin Dimple Removal

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The chin has a strong (and surprising) influence on overall facial aesthetics.  Dimpling exists on a spectrum, and in the right context is even desirable (think Superman).  

When patients are bothered by it, correction is possible and involves two steps.  The first is to release the attachments that run from the skin to the underlying structures (usually muscle but occasionally bone), and then filling in the void.  Incisions could easily be hidden inside the mouth.  A patient's own fat is the best option to fill the void (harvested via liposuction), but other substitutes work well-- such as acellular dermis.

The third consideration, which is easiest to gauge by physical exam, is whether or not you have "mentalis strain" in which the chin muscle is flexing in order to raise the lip superiorly.  This issue can accentuate a chin dimple, and releasing the dimple alone will not have a significant improvement on the underlying muscle strain.  

Best of luck to you.

Austin Plastic Surgeon

Chin Dimple Reduction Is A More Accurate Term Than Removal

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The chin dimple or cleft represents an underlying soft tissue anomaly marked by less soft tissue and a tethered attachment. All chin dimple corrections involve going through the mouth and releasing the mentalis muscle from the bone. But the key is to add some type of filler from underneath. My preference is for a fat graft, dermal-fat graft or rolled allogeneic dermis. While mild chin dimples and clefts may be largely eliminated by this approach, really deep ones are reduced but can not be made completely smooth.

Chin dimple removal can require several options

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Chin dimple removal can be done. The origin of this anatomical variant is due to lack of the mentalis muscle crossing over and leaving a dip. Some others believe that the dimple is due to other soft tissue. Whatever the orgin, one may need to elevate the area and fill it in with fat or some other filler. Because the skin is usually tacked and attached down to the deeper structures, some surgical lifting is necessary.

After lifting, you will then need to place some tissue there to keep it elevated and not associated with the skin again. This is where grafts can work and there are many options for that. Chin implants can also serve to make those dimples less apparent as well but may change the way your chin looks in a significant way.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Some options for chin dimple removal

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There are several different aspects of the dimple that make it difficult to recommend a one-technique-fits-all solution.

If it is associated with muscle contraction, then you must release the attachments.

Secondarily you will have to fill the depression. The most readily available and longest lasting solution is your own fat but that is realtively invasive. Currently there are no readily available FDA approved fillers for this procedure.

Silicone is available off label but not generally indicated for this purpose.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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