How to Deal with my Receding Chin? (photo)

I know it sound ridiculous that i'm suffered by my chin. Look at my face , which is not a really ugly face but it's really a uncomfortable-look and baby face. Then I think of if the defect of my face is cause by my receding chin. And which surgery should i take: implant, injection or surgery? By the way , i'm really worry about there is less change after the painful surgery. I do not mean to be a very handsome guy . I just want to be a normal man. Please help me.

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Receding chin surgery

You look like you're a potential candidate for chin augmentation. This can be done with either a chin implant (usually made of solid silicone) or sliding genioplasty.

You can learn more about both techniques at my web reference link below:

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Chin implant for receding chin

 A chin implant can be placed over the front part of the mandible to augment the chin. A chin implant is composed of Silastic, is inserted through a small submental incision and placed directly over the bone to give  a stronger chin. This surgery can be performed under local anesthesia.

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Chin Augmentation

You are a great candidate for a chin implant surgery, this will help you have a better profile that will balance out the rest of your bone structure and facial features.  This will be a permanent solution and you will have compelling immediate results.  Injectable fillers are a temporary option and you will have to use a considerable amount to achieve a good result, you could be spending between $1,200 to $2,000 every 6 months to maintain the desired outcome.

You are welcome to come in into our office for a complimentary consultation to have a better idea about your options.

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