How Do You Know when Nose is Done Developing?

How much would it cost to remove the hump on my nose?  Would additional work be needed? Also, I am 19 and I want to know that my nose is fully done growing before I do surgery. At what age is recommended?

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At age 19, your nose is fully developed.

At age 19 the nose is fully developed. It is usually acceptable to undergo rhinoplasty by age 16 in girls and age 17 in boys. The cost of a rhinoplasty is approximately $6,000.00, which includes the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia doctor’s fee, and the operating room.

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Nose stop growing

A nose has stopped growing usually by the age of about 13 in a girl and 15 in a boy so it is better to wait until then to have a nasal surgery. I have not seen a nose "grow" after I have perfoemed one on a teenage patient.

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Rhinoplasty age

This is an excellent question. There is no magic number as you can see from the various posts. The take home message is simple: rhinoplasty is ok once your growth spurt has finished. Boys can use their brothers and father as a general guideline as to the timing of surgery. Girls can compare themselves to their mother and sisters. Also, girls generally complete most growth prior to menses. The most important point is seek out an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who can guide you through this decision process.

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Nasal Development

The nose continues to grow through puberty. For girls this is usually 15 -16 years of age; for boys it is 17-19 years. Therefore, it would be safe to have your hump removed whenever convenient for you. Cost will be $6000-8000.

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Age for Rhinoplasty in Teenager

Research studies have shown that the nose continue to grow and change throughout life. The nose, as with everything else, never stops changing. The rate of growth, however, is greatest during puberty. Once the nasal growth rate slows down, plateaus and becomes stable, then one may consider proceeding with nasal surgery. Generally, this occurs at age 16 for girls and 17 for boys.

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Nose is done developing

Nasal maturation ends between the ages of 14 to 20. Females sooner than males. Cost range from $4500 to $8500 depending on the area of the USA.

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When is a nose done developing?

Girls' noses are usually done developing by 13-14 years old and boys' noses 17-20 years. The cost varies due to the complexity of the nose and the skill and experience of the surgeon. $5-8000 is a ball park estimate.

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Fully-Developed Nose

Your nose, along with the rest of your body, will stop growing and changing by the end of puberty. For females, this is typically at age 14 and for males, it is at age 15.. So, in terms of your age, you are most likely a viable candidate for a nose job to get your nasal hump straightened. As for the cost of your surgery, the exact figures vary depending on your geographic location as well as on the experience of the doctor you consult.

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