Bumps on the Bridge After Osteotomy. What are they? Will they go away?

What are they? Will they go away?  About 3 wks post op I noticed two bumps on either side of the bridge. Now, at 6 wks, the bumps appear as big. They are different in size and located just off center, one higher next to the eye, another towards the middle. Both feel hard to touch. What are these bumps? What is the prognosis? Thanks!!

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Bumps on Bridge after Rhinoplasty

Temporary bony irregularities are frequently present after osteotomies to reduce or reposition the nasal bones. This improves over the next 6 months. With careful observation you and your surgeon will decide if any minor revisions will be necessary. 

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Bumps on the nose after rhino very common

After a full rhinoplasty, whether open or closed, the bone has to heal.  The bones have been filed down and broken to move them together.  Now that the splint is off you can feel where the healing is occuring.  Bone heals with an initial callus formation or slight thickening which remodels over time.  You are probably in this phase right now and it may persist for several months.  

At this point I would leave it alone for at least 6 months.  At that time if the "bumps' are still present a minor touch up can be done under local or sedation to rasp down the irregularities.  Be patient, I'm quite sure they will resolve, they almost always do.

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Bumps after rhinoplasty

During rhinoplasty, the cartilage and the bone are shaved or cut to help shape the final result.  However, where the cartilage and the bone meet, there is often a transition point which can appear as a bump if not addressed during the primary surgery.  At this point, it would likely be best to wait for all the swelling to resolve and the tissues to settle before considering a secondary surgery to smooth out the bumps.  Good luck.

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