What Cosmetic Surgery Will Make Me Look More Hispanic or Have More Angles in my Face? (photo)

ive been looking into getting a nose job and eyelid surgery.a few other things too. id like to know what surgery would make me look more fiminine.here are some ideas of what id like to look more like. and pictures of me..its like going from looking like a chimp to a humming bird,cute to sexy. my cheeks are slightly uneven. i beleive i have a round face.PLEEASE HELP

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 Thank you for your pictures, your a pretty lady don't think you really need anything done in my opinion .  But, I do see what you are talking about in regards to your nose(nostrils), You can have the Alar Wedges refined and made a little smaller and reduce the tip. You should see a Certified PS to go over your options. You don't need much don't let them talk you into things you really don't need. Good luck

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Facial Reshaping for More Defined Face

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In your effort to have less of a round face and one that is more angular/defined, I would look at some nose, cheek and chin procedures. The tip of your nose could be narrowed and the nostrils made less wide by rhinoplasty. A central button small chin implant would make your chin more triangular and defined. Lastly, a small amount of buccal fat removed will help make your cheeks a little less round. This combination of procedures would make your face look slimmer overall.

Improving Facial Contours

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Your nose can be narrowed and refined including the tip and nasal base. A profile view would help to determine if a chin implant would be beneficial.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What Cosmetic Surgery Will Make Me Look More Hispanic or Have More Angles in my Face?

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 Aesthetically speaking, there are no plastic & cosmetic surgery procedures to make the face appear more "hispanic" however, there are procedures that would add shape to your face based upon the photos provided.  IMHO, your cheeks are quite flat and the chin is very weak.  

  1. Augmenting the cheeks with Cheek Implants.
  2. Augmenting the chin with a Chin Implant.
  3. Thin the nasal tip with a Rhinoplasty.

 These are the procedures that IMO would make your face more naturally youthful and attractive...your eyes do not appear to be an issue and as such do not require intervention at this time.  Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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