Is a Nasel Tip Rhinoplasty Less Risky Than a Full Rhinoplasty (photo)?

Hello, I've had a consultation with a surgeon who said that as the bone structure of my nose is fine and the tip needs slight refinement he would recommend a tip correction opposed to breaking the bone. I desperately want to get this done, but I have a terror of ending up with a 'Michael Jackson' nose. I know all surgeries are risky but is having a tip rhinoplasty less risky than a full rhinoplasty? I want subtle refinement, not a totally different nose...

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Is a Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty Less Risky Than a Full Rhinoplasty (photo)?

No. Every procedure has risks, and altering your tip may change the appearance of your upper 1/3 of your nose. Aesthetically a triangular nose is aesthetic and I'm not sure just doing your tip will achieve that.  I'd have to see you in person or video consult to determine for sure. 

If you have a "terror" of having a Micheal Jackson nose or a terror about anything related to nose surgery, then you simply shouldn't do it.  If the surgeon(s) you consult with are experienced you should trust their judgement and not worry as much.



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Michael Jackson ended up with that nose because he had multiple surgeries but multiple surgeons, had enough money to find willing surgeons and obsessed about his nasal appearance. If you do not have all of those you will not end up that way. You can have subtle changes if you bridge and tip work done together or separately. You can also have dramatic changes from only doing tip work. It all depends on what you start with and what specifically is done at the time of surgery. A bad surgeon can turn even a minor procedure into a risky one.

Your posted photo is inadequate for a full assessment but I suspect bridge work would improve the overall appearance.

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Is a Nasel Tip Rhinoplasty Less Risky Than a Full Rhinoplasty

 Aestheically speaking, I must respectfully disagree.  From the photos provided, the nasal bones are wide as are the upper lateral cartilages and the tip.  The tip is over-rotated which means the tip-thinning technique must not create any degree of further tip rotation.  You can do a Tip-Plasty alone but in that scenario aesthetically, the wide nasal bridge would appear even wider when the tip is make more thin.  Doing less in Rhinoplasty always carries less risk but IMO, the main risk is not understanding or following the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beaut for the creation of a naturally more attractive nose and face.  Hope this helps.

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Tip Rhinoplasty vs Full Rhinoplasty

As you stated there is always a risk with any rhinoplasty but it is minimal when done by an experienced rhinopasty surgeon. A full set of pictures would be helpful but it does appear that that the result would be better if you narrowed the nasal bridge in addition to the tip work.

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Tip Rhinoplasty vs. Full Rhinoplasty Risks

Tip rhinoplasty, as you understand, is a limited rhinoplasty procedure that only addresses the size, shape, and relationship of the nasal tip to the rest of the nose.  A full rhinoplasty will also shape the bone and the profile of the nose in order to create an aesthetically pleasing, harmonious nose.  The correct procedure must be fitted to the the correct patient.  Certainly, in a patient whose only concern is the shape of her nasal tip, correcting that shape is a relatively low risk procedure that can result in a nicely shaped, harmonious nose.  In your case, I will have to agree that you have broad nasal bone and cartilage structure in addition to a broad tip.  Under those circumstances, a limited tip rhinoplasty would create a smaller, well defined nasal tip, but this would create the appearance of an unappeling size-shape relationship within the nose as a whole, and would likely make the upper part of your nose appear even more broad.


Please discuss your options with your board certified plastic surgeon, or consult with more than one plastic surgeon if you feel you need more information or a different opinion or approach.


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