I Have a Completely Flat Chest but I Have Puffy Nipples. Is This Gynecomastia? 6'1'190lb

I am 6'1' and 190lbs. I am extremely athletic and am a pitcher. I have always had these puffy nipples but no other symptoms. My chest is completely flat otherwise. Is this hormonal? Is it gynecomastia? Should I see a plastic surgeon or a hormonal doctor?

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Puffy Nipples is Gynecomastia

Hi kdmkls,

Thanks for the post. Based on your description you do have gynecomastia. Simply put it is an excess of glandular tissue that causes a more feminine shape to the chest. It can be just under the areola or can encompass the entire chest. The cause of your gynecomastia can't be determined without seeing a physician. I recommend you see a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in gynecomastia. A thorough history and physical and perhaps a hormone panel should be performed. If there is no underlying medical cause, then you would be a candidate for surgery.


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I Have a Completely Flat Chest but I Have Puffy Nipples. Is This Gynecomastia? 6'1'190lb

It is possible that you have excess subareolar breast tissue.  An exam by a qualified plastic surgeon will give you the answer and treatment options of any are needed.  Good luck and be safe.

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Puffy nipples

Yes, it can be. It can be excess fat, glandular tissue or sagging skin. This may be caused by a variety of reasons, including hormones and certain medications.

Please see your doctor first for a physical examination. Best of luck.

Puffy nipples in a male

A photograph of your condition would be beneficial.  Many times puffy nipples in males is associated with gynecomastia. When the gynecomastia is corrected the nipples generally shrink down as well.  You should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon for this condition and to review treatment options.

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Puffy nipples on a flat chest can be gynecomastia

Gynecomastia can be caused by excess male breast tissue, excess fat, or a combination of both.  Excess breast tissue under the nipple, without excess fat, can cause a situation like yours.  Have an examination by a plastic surgeon who can diagnose your situation.

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From your brief description it seems that you likely have gynecomastia.You have not provided many details ,I would recommend you see someone with experience in dealing with gynecomastia.

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Thank you for the question.

Your description is consistent with  gynecomastia;  however, direct examination by your primary care physician or plastic surgeon will be necessary for definitive diagnosis.

Best wishes.


It is difficult to diagnose without an examination. Gynecomastia is usually (75% of the time) not due to any other casue other than bad luck but sometimes due to testicular or other tumors, medications such as cimetidine, marijuana use, or other odd disorders like Klinefelters. A quick exam can rule all of the these things out and if there is any question blood tests and/or CT scan can usually rule them out. Assuming your problem is just benign gynecomastia, nipple puffiness may be caused by fat under the nipple which by definition is gynecomastia. The treatment is direct excision or liposuction.

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